Cleany Teeth Starter Kit for Humans


Use Ultrasound on your teeth too.

This set contains the ultrasound toothbrush

Brush heads 1x 3 sided and 2x 1 sided

Fluoride toothpaste gel (Human only)

USB-charger cable.

The user guide is only available in English.

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CLEANY TEETH – the Ultrasound Toothbrush with gentle
antibacterial deep cleaning and whitening

No.1. Fastest toothbrush

CLEANY TEETH cleans all teeth in approximately 60 – 90 seconds

CLEANY TEETH Ultrasound (= air oscillations) …

  • cleans teeth and gum pockets faster & better than other techniques.
  • clean your teeth, gums and tongue in +/- one minute.
  • penetrate deeply, beyond bristles or brush heads.
  • reaches into the smallest interdental spaces & crevices.
  • clean near brackets and around crowns & implants.
  • Ultrasound is the most advanced technology for oral hygiene. It deep cleans with one million air oscillations per second.
  • It proves incomparably gentle and counteracts teeth wear. Try it yourself today!
  • Upgrade from your existing toothbrush.