Cleany Teeth uses Ultrasound technology to clean dogs teeth 

   No Vibration, No Noise, No Movement. Easy to use and very comfortable for your dog.

                 Cleanyteeth kills bacteria on the tooth and in the gum pockets, reducing bad smells.   Real oral hygiene for your pet  

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    Benefits of
    Cleaning your Dogs Teeth

    • No Noise, No movement, No Vibration 
    • Use in the comfort of your own home
    • Removes Stains, Plaque and Tartar from the teeth
    • Cleans even where bristles do not reach (like gum pockets and fissures)
    • Reduces and Removes bad breath
    • Reduces Vet Fees for Oral Hygiene
    • Whitens the teeth
    • Only 90 seconds required each day to clean your dogs teeth

         It’s stress free for your dog:

    • No risks of Anaesthesia
    • No rotation of brush head

    Tips for
    Brushing your Dogs Teeth

    • Always use our special toothpaste. Using human toothpaste contains soap and creates foam, both dangerous for dogs.
    • The faster you start to get a routine going with your dog, the more likely they are to accept it and the plaque will be easier to remove before it hardens.
    • Gently put the brush against the tooth, No Scrubbing is Required.
    • Use plenty of water with a pea size amount of paste. Push the paste into the brush.

    Dog Teeth Cleaning - Before and After