Cleany Teeth uses Ultrasound technology to clean dogs teeth

   No Vibration, No Noise, No Movement. Easy to use and very comfortable for your dog.

                 Cleanyteeth kills bacteria on the tooth and in the gum pockets, reducing bad smells.   Real oral hygiene for your pet  

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    Benefits of
    Cleaning your Dogs Teeth

    • No need for Anaesthetics
    • No Noise, No movement, No Vibration 
    • Use in the comfort of your own home
    • Removes Stains, Plaque and Tartar from the teeth
    • Cleans even where bristles do not reach (like gum pockets and fissures)
    • Reduces and Removes bad breath
    • Reduces Vet Fees for Oral Hygiene
    • Whitens the teeth
    • Only 90 seconds required each day to clean your dogs teeth

         It’s stress free for your dog:

    • No risks of Anaesthesia
    • No rotation of brush head

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    The starter Kit contains:

    • The ultrasound dog toothbrush
    • 2 x single brush heads (ideal for smaller breeds)
    • 1 x 3-sided brush head (ideal for bigger breeds)
    • Dog toothpaste (specially formulated for dogs and ultrasound)
    • USB charging cable
    • Also comes with a manual explaining how to use it!
    • Free Delivery
    The Kit comes with everything you need
    • It’s simple to provide effective dental care with Cleany Teeth

      1. If you can put your fingers inside your dogs lips and over the teeth then your good to go.
      2. Turn on the brush using the ON button – Press once for setting 1: Ultrasound + gentle vibration. Press twice in quick succession for setting 2: Silent ultrasound.
      3. Wet the head of the brush – Ultrasound works most effectively when the brush head is wet and there is paste within the brush. Check this regularly during the cleaning process to assist the transmission of ultrasound.
      4. Apply Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Toothpaste – Apply a pea size amount of toothpaste to the brush head. This specialised toothpaste forms billions of tiny nano-bubbles which destroy plaque and removes bacteria.
      5. Begin Teeth Cleaning – With the device ON, place the brush head on each tooth surface for between 2-3 seconds* ensure to work around the whole tooth including the chewing surface if possible. Move onto the next tooth wetting the brush head regularly during cleaning process and reapplying toothpaste if necessary. Continue cleaning each tooth,  You are able to clean the dog’s entire oral cavity in 60-90 seconds when carried out regularly.
      6. Descale – some dogs require the build up of the soft plaque and tartar which is present on the teeth to be removed. Metal descaling tools are not necessary. If the plaque isn’t easily removed the brush needs to be used again.
      7. Take before and after pictures so you can really see the difference.
      8. To Disinfect brush head: with the device ON using the natural antibacterial effects of ultrasonics, hold the brush head under running water for three seconds. Turn device off and remove brush head using the removal tool, rinse the cradle and back of brush head.*2-3 seconds per tooth surface is for light staining, for those suffering from a lot of plaque / tartar build up or gum inflammation require an extended period of time. Extended cleaning 5-6 seconds per tooth.

        Other Information:

    Dog Teeth Cleaning - Before and After