Signs of Gum Disease on your Dog

We care about our customers and like to give information while supplying the best possible product. For that reason, here are five important signs of Gum Disease in dogs:

  1. Bleeding gums – This is a very clear sign of gum disease and should get immediate attention.
  2. Bad breath – If your dog has noticeably bad breath, it may be worth looking into it as it may be or get infected.
  3. Is your dog refusing to eat? – Gum disease may very well be the reason your dog eats small portions at a time or refuses to eat.
  4. Usual aggressive behaviour – If your dog is being aggressive, which can just be growling, it may be because of pain in their gums from gum disease.
  5. Discharge from the nose or mouth – This can be a cause of gum disease. When upper teeth are badly damaged, it can start to destroy the bone between nasal and oral cavity.

That was our list of the top 5 signs of gum disease that every dog owner should be looking for. Avoid this with regular use of Cleany Teeth for Dogs, using this will solve all these issues and prevent them from happening.

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