Did you know?

By the age of  3, around 80 percent of dogs show signs of gum disease?

It’s an interesting fact, mostly because it shows how many people are unaware their dogs even have this problem. Most dog owners don’t think about their dogs teeth. Keeping the teeth and mouth clean, avoids gum disease and other oral complications.

When the teeth and gums suffer from disease and inflammation a very high bacteria count is present. This bacteria can be released into the blood stream and can settle on organs, causing long term damage such as diabetes, kidney disease, lung and liver disease, cardiovascular disease, tumours in the mucosa and a weakening of the entire immune system.

Bad teeth and gums can be a serious damage for the overall health of your dog.

Using the Ultrasound brush on your dog will not only clean off all bacteria, plaque and tartar that is present but used on a regular basis will avoid any build up in the future.